LARSyS: Laboratory for Robotics and Engineering Systems

ISR-Lisboa is part of the Associate Laboratory LARSyS: Laboratory for Robotics and Engineering Systems, together with three other partner research institutions, IN+, M-ITI and MARETEC. LARSyS aims at conducting research and innovation activities in multidisciplinary domains with a clear societal impact.

Since Jan 2015, LARSYS has new structure that results from a re-organization that took place in the framework of the national research assessment exercise. The renewed LARSyS, “Laboratory of Robotics and Engineering Systems” is a research institution that brings together the following research units:


Institute for Systems and RoboticsInstitute for Systems and Robotics at Instituto Superior Técnico

With this new structure, LARSyS offers complementary and multidisciplinary competences to tackle several cutting edge research challenges, structured in 5 Thematic Areas:

The new structure of LARSyS was approved by FCT by March 2015, with an overall mark of “EXCELLENT” and funding guaranteed for the period 2015-2017.


Associate Laboratory LARSyS (2011-2014)

In 2011 the Associate Laboratory has undergone a re-organization and gave rise to the Associate Laboratory LARSYS, “Laboratory of Robotics and Systems in Engineering and Science”. This new structure was operating from 2011-2014 in the form of a network of 6 research units

  • ISR/IST: Institute for Systems and Robotics at Instituto Superior Técnico (ISR/IST)
  • IN+/IST: Center for Innovation, Technology and Policy Research at Instituto Superior Técnico
  • IMAR/UA: Centre for Maritime Research at the University of the Azores (IMAR/UA)
  • CREMINER/FCUL: Centre of Mineral Resources, Mineralogy, and Crystalography of the University of Lisbon
  • CAMGSD/IST: Center for Mathematical Analysis, Geometry and Dynamical Systems at IST
  • MITI: Madeira Interactive technologies Institute, at the University of Madeira.

During this period, the research activities of LARSYS are organized in five thematic areas:

  • Complex Systems in Engineering and Fundamental Sciences
  • Sustainable Urban Systems and Technologies
  • Science, Technology and Sustainable Development
  • Ocean Systems Technology
  • Ocean Resources and Ecosystems

Activity Report

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Associate Laboratory ISR-Lisbon (2001-2010)

In November 2001, ISR was one of the founding members of the Associate Laboratory ISR-Lisbon, together with three other partner research institutions, IN+, IMAR-Azores and CREMINER. ISR-Lisbon involved about 349 researchers, including 86 PhD holders (in 2007).

The status of Associate Laboratory is awarded by the Ministry of Science, Technology and Higher Education for a period of 10 years with a mid term evaluation, in recognition of the high scientific merit of the institution (and its partner institutions) according to external international and independent evaluations, and on the basis of the proven capacity for cooperating, on a steady, competent and efficient form, in the implementation of the specific objectives of the national scientific and technological policies.

As of 2010 there were 25 such reference institutions, covering several scientific and technological fields, like: Medical and Biomedical Sciences, Environmental sciences, Earth and Marine sciences, Engineering, Social Sciences, Material Sciences, Biotechnology, Physics, … These 25 Associate Laboratories have constituted the Associate Laboratories’ Council (CLA), a think tank and consulting body of the Government representing more than 4000 researchers.

As an Associate Laboratory ISR-Lisbon was organized around 4 thematic areas:

  • Technologies for Ocean Exploration
  • Monitoring and Surveillance using Robotic Agents
  • Sustainable Technologies and Environmental Systems
  • Signal Processing for Communication Networks and Multimedia

Activity Report

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