Newest Marie Curie Fellow – BIGMATH Project

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In an era in which Big Data is booming, so are challenges that can only be surpassed with strong theoretical and practical skills. BIGMATH - INNOVATIVE TRAINING NETWORK (ITN) ON BIG Data challenges for MATHematics is an EU funded project that aims to provide a group of young mathematicians with up-to-date training and knowledge


INSIDE Project – Robots in Health

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The ongoing project INSIDE is developing solutions from research to use in real-world interaction scenarios. The initiative was developed from a collaborative effort with the Computer Science Department at CMU and several Portuguese research institutions and companies and one hospital. "The hospital had already setup ongoing sessions, in which the children, accompanied by their parents


The Walkbot could help improve the floor you walk on

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TecInnov is a competition that aims to support the development of innovative ideas from students and researchers at Instituto Superior Técnico. This annual initiative is a partnership with Tales, a European company that works in several areas (defense, mobility, transportation and information systems) and it's also where the idea for Walkbot was born. Walkbot is