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The Institute for Systems and Robotics –  ISR-Lisboa –  is a multidisciplinary research institution in the areas of Robotics and Information Processing, including Systems and Control Theory, Signal Processing, Computer Vision, AI and Intelligent Systems and Biomedical Engineering.

Research at ISR-Lisboa spans a multitude of key topics, ranging from fundamental theoretical issues to the applications of engineering methods and tools to the design and analysis of complex systems. ISR-Lisboa is organized in the following 5 research groups/labs:

Across this broad spectrum our methodologies are rooted in solid mathematical principles, providing, whenever possible, formal guarantees of performance.

ISR-Lisboa is located at the North tower of the Lisbon campus of IST (Técnico – Lisboa) and is home to more than 100 researchers from many nationalities, including 32 faculty members, research fellows and Post-Doc researchers. They are responsible for the supervision of 65 post-graduate and 27 undergraduate students.

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