Dynamical Systems and Ocean Robotics Lab (DSOR)

The work carried out in the lab is directed towards furthering knowledge in the general area of dynamical systems theory and applying it to the design and operation of autonomous marine and aerial robots. Theoretical areas of research include navigation, guidance, and control (NGC), mission control, and cooperative control of distributed autonomous vehicles. Strong cooperation links are being steadily forged with marine research institutes worldwide as marine science and oceanography become increasingly dependent on advanced technologies for ocean exploration. The lab is currently involved in a number of multidisciplinary projects using advanced robotic systems that include the Infante autonomous underwater vehicle (AUV), the Delfim autonomous surface craft (ASC), and the Caravela 2000 autonomous oceanographic vessel.

Coordination: Carlos Silvestre

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Pedro Abreu
João Almeida
Filipa Almeida
Pu Bai
Pedro Batista
João Botelho
Sérgio Brás
David Cabecinhas
Pedro Casau
Naveena Crasta
Rita Cunha
Pedro Góis
Bruno Gomes
Alexandre Gomes
Bruno Guerreiro
Pedro Lourenço
Pramod Maurya
Paulo Oliveira
João Paquim
António Pascoal
Mohammad Ghorbani Poshtmashhadi
Joao Quintas
Francisco Rego
Jorge Ribeiro
Miguel Ribeiro
Manuel Rufino
Luís Sebastião
Pedro Serra
Henrique Silva
Carlos Silvestre
Daniel Silvestre
Jorge Soares
Francisco Curado
José Tojeira
Daniel Viegas

Current Projects

Acronym Name Funding Dates
MULTIDRONE MULTIple DRONE platform for media production EU - HORIZON 2020 2017-01|2019-12
LOTUS Load transportation using Unmanned Aerial Vehicles FCT 2016-01|2019-12
MarineUAS Innovative Training Network on Autonomous Unmanned Aerial Systems for Marine and Coastal Monitoring EU - HORIZON 2020 2015-01|2019-01
WiMUST Widely scalable Mobile Underwater Sonar Technology EU - HORIZON 2020 2015-02|2018-01
ECOS Enhanced Motion Tracking for Control of Aerial Robots FCT 2014-01|2018-12

Closed Projects

Acronym Name Funding Dates
CADDY Cognitive Autonomous Diving Buddy EU-FP7 2014-01|2016-12
MORPH Marine robotic system of self-organizing, logically linked physical nodes EU-FP7 2012-02|2016-01
ATLAS Advances in Terrain-based Localization of Autonomous Submersibles FCT 2011-03|2014-02
CONAV Cooperative Navigation and Control of Multiple Autonomous Vehicles FCT 2011-02|2014-01
AMMAIA A concerted action of archaeology, natural sciences and applied technologies to place a Roman town in context FCT 2011-01|2013-12
MAST/AM Advanced Tracking and Telemetry Methodologies to Study Marine Animals FCT 2011-01|2013-12
SCARVE Sensor-based Control of Aerial Robotic Vehicles FCT 2010-04|2013-03
HIVCONTROL Control based on dynamic modeling of HIV-1 infection for therapy design FCT 2010-04|2013-03
TRIDENT Marine Robots and Dexterous Manipulation for Enabling Autonomous Underwater Multipurpose Intervention Missions EU-FP7 2010-03|2013-02
CONMAR Cognitive Robotics: Cooperative Control and Navigation of Multiple Marine Robots for Assisted Human Diving Operations EU-FP7 2010-06|2011-11
AIRTICI Advanced Interactive Robotic Tools for the Inspection of Critical Infrastructures AdI - QREN 2009-03|2012-02
CO-3AUVs Cognitive Cooperative Control for Autonomous Underwater Vehicles EU-FP7 2009-02|2012-01
OBSERVFLY Uninhabited Aircraft for Marine Science Applications FCT 2008-11|2011-10
NAV Development and Application of Advanced Nonlinear Control Techniques for the Coordination and Motion Control of a Network of Autonomous Vehicles FCT 2007-10|2010-12
DENO DEvelopment of Nonlinear Observers FCT 2007-09|2010-12
HELICIM Autonomous Helicopter for Critical Infrastructure Monitoring FCT 2007-10|2010-09
FREESUBNET Marie Curie Research Training Network EU-FP6 2006-11|2010-10
VENUS Virtual ExploratioN of Underwater Sites EU-FP6 2006-07|2009-06
GREX Coordination and Control of Cooperating Heterogeneous Unmanned Systems in Uncertain Environments EU-FP6 2006-06|2009-06
RUMOS Robotic Underwater Vehicles and Marine Animals Tracking Systems FCT 2005-01|2008-01
SADOGEOROB Coastline variations, neotectonics and evolution of the Sado submarine delta during the Quaternary: an integrated geological and marine robotics approach FCT 2005|2008
UCAV Assessment of Technology Needs for Unmanned Combat Air Vehicles RTP 2005|2007
Absolut Sensor Aided Inertial Navigation Systems Internal 2004|2006
EXOCET/D Extreme Ecosystem Studies in the Deep Ocean: Technological Development EU-FP6 2004|2006
MEDIRES Methodologies for Surveying and Diagnosis of Semi-submerged Structures AdI 2003|2007
MAYASub Development of a Small AUV for Scientific and Comercial Applications AdI 2003|2007
ALTICOPTER Unmanned Helicopter for Laser Altimetry FCT 2002|2005
FREESUB Autonomous Underwater Vehicle for Subsea Intervention EU-FP5 2000|2004
MAROV Mapping of Marine Habitats in the Azores Using Robotic Vehicles FCT 2000|2004
DREAM Development of a Semi-Deep ROV for Scientific Applications and Environmental Monitoring FCT 2000|2004
CARAVELA Development of a Long Range Autonomous Oceanographic Vessel 1998|2003
ASIMOV Advanced System Integration for Managing the Coordinated Operation of Robotic Ocean Vehicles EU-FP4 1998|2001
MONAZ Monterey-Azores: Cooperative Approaches to Underwater Filed Objective Detection and Mapping ONR (US) 1998|2001
INFANTE Development of Vehicles and Advanced Systems for the Execution of Underwater Inspection Tasks FCT 1997|2001
Autonomous Vehicle Design and Control 1996|2002
Navigation Systems with Applications to Air, Surface and Underwater Vehicles NATO 1996|2001
ARMMA Autonomous Robotic Methodologies for Multidisciplinary Applications JNICT 1995|2000