Intelligent Robots and Systems Group (IRSg)

The research and development work carried out at the Intelligent Robots and Systems Laboratory (IRSLab) is wide in scope. Its members approach complex systems from a holistic standpoint, rather than focusing on some of the subsystems. The topic of cooperation (among agents and/or robots, among robots and humans) arises naturally from this viewpoint. The historic background of the lab senior researchers has lead us to use Artificial Intelligence concepts driven by formal approaches that stem from Systems and Control Theory and from Operations Research. We further believe it is very important to apply our methodologies to practical domains, as challenging real-life problems provide richer sources of inspiration.

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Pedro Abreu
José Acevedo
Daniel Afonso
Meysam Basiri
Carlos Bispo
Miguel Borges
Oscar Lima
José Corujeira
Luís Custódio
Duarte Dias
Francisco Girbal Eiras
Pedro Fazenda
Tiago Ferreira
Nuno Fialho
Duarte Gameiro
João Garcia
José Iglésias
Guilherme Lawless
Pedro Lima
Luís Luz
André Mateus
João Mendes
Pedro Miraldo
Carlos Neves
João O'Neill
Carlos Pinto-Ferreira
Jose Seoane
Pedro Resende
Isabel Ribeiro
Rômulo Rodrigues
Pedro Roque
Pedro Santos
João Sequeira
Porfírio Silva
Tiago Dias
Tiago Sousa
Rodrigo Ventura

Current Projects

Closed Projects

Acronym Name Funding Dates
MonarCH Multi-Robot Cognitive Systems Operating in Hospitals EU-FP7 2013-02|2016-01
RoCKIn Robot Competitions Kick Innovation in Cognitive Systems and Robotics EU-FP7 2013-01|2015-12
USORA Unified Solution of Remote Access in Practical Vocational Engineering Education EU - LEONARDO DA VINCI 2013-10|2015-10
SAVEL A avaliação electrónica como ferramenta de promoção do sucesso escolar no 1º ciclo do ensino básico QREN 2012-11|2015-01
AuReRo Human-robot interaction with field robots using augmented reality and interactive mapping FCT 2011-04|2014-09
ITER Trajectories Optimization of Trajectories for the Cask and Plug Remote Handling System in Tokamak Building and Hot Cell EU - F4E 2011-04|2011-12
ITER CPRHS/CTS Activities Related to the Optimization of Trajectories for the Cask and Plug Remote Handling System in Tokamak Building and Hot Cell EU F4E 2011-04|2011-10
MAIS-S Multiagent Intelligent Surveillance System FCT 2010-09|2013-08
PCMMC Perception-Driven Coordinated Multi-Robot Motion Control FCT 2010-01|2013-02
BioInstBots From Bio-Inspired to Institutional-Inspired Collective Robotics FCT 2010-02|2013-01
QuadMission Desenvolvimento de um Sistema Automático e Inteligente para Aeronave Não Tripulada – Plataforma QuadCopter U4 QREN 2010-1|2012-12
ITER ATS Activities Related to the Development of an Air Transfer System Prototype and Cask Transfer System Virtual Mock-up EU - F4E 2009-03|2010-06
DecPUCS Decentralized Planning Under Uncertainty for Cooperative Systems FCT 2007-10|2010-09
Swarm Intelligence for Cooperative Control of Multiple Robots 2006-01|2012-02
URUS Ubiquitous Networking Robotics in Urban Settings EU-FP6 2006-07|2009-11
RIOL Robotic Inspection Over Power Lines FCT 2005-09|2008-08
Euron Research Atelier on Network Robot Systems EU - EURON 2005-12-|2006-12
Accurate Measurements of High Voltage Installations with Laser Range Scanners and GPS LABELEC 2005-03|2005-11
EURON European Robotics Network EU-FP6 2004-05|2008-04
FEMDS Formation Estimation Methodologies for Distributed Spacecraft ESA 2003|2007
MultiBot Modelos e Técnicas para Robots Móveis Inteligentes Aplicados a Tarefas Individuais e Cooperativas 2003|2006
RAPOSA Robot Semi-Autónomo para Operações de Salvamento AdI 2003|2005
High Resolution Optical Satellite Sensors EUCLID 2003|2005
SACOR Semi-Autonomous Cooperative Robots FCT 2002|2006
RODITAS III Robô Didáctico para Técnicos de Automação de Sistemas Ciencia Viva 2001|2002
RESCUE Cooperative Navigation for Rescue Robots FCT 2000|2004
MS-AGENCY Control of Manufacturing Systems using Societies of Evolutive Agents FCT 1999|2004
DARE Development of Emotion-based Robotic Agents FCT 1999|2004
CAMERA CAD Modelling of Built Environments from Range Analysis EU-FP4 1998|2001
SocRob Society of Cooperative Robots FCT 1997|xxxx
Development of Integrated Systems for the Clean Production of Glass FCT 1997|xxxx
Guidance and Navigation Systems for ITER RH Air Cushion Transport Casks EURATOM 1997-10|1998-01
Teleoperation of Transport Vehicles and Robotic Manipulators EURATOM 1997-01|1998-01
COOPERA Cooperation Among Multiple Robotic Devices FCT 1997|2002
ConSat Stabilization and Control of Small Satellites FCT 1997|2000
Conceptual Study of a Flexible Guidance and Docking System for ITER RH Transport Casks EURATOM 1996-12|1997-06
ARMMA Autonomous Robotic Methodologies for Multidisciplinary Applications JNICT 1995|2000
RESOLV Reconstruction using Scanned Laser and Video EU-FP4 1995|2000
Development of Small Flexible Mobile Robots 1995|1999
Open Distributed Control Architecture for a PUMA 560 Manipulator 1994|2000
ERNET The European Robotics Network 1993-12|1996-11
PO-ROBOT Multiple Purpose Portuguese Flexible Mobile Robot NATO-SfS 1993|2000