Computer and Robot Vision Lab (VisLab)

The Computer and Robot Vision Laboratory conducts research on computer and robot vision, focussing on video analysis, surveillance, learning, humanoid robotics and cognition. We take a highly multidisciplinary perspective, combining disciplines like engineering, neuroscience and psychology, with the twin goals of drawing inspiration from biology to develop advanced artificial systems as well as modeling biological systems with computational and robotic tools.

We have designed various experimental testbeds for acquiring real sensor data and experience realistic scenarios. The VisLab  is equipped with cutting-edge research infrastructures, including one iCub humanoid robot, that allows us to develop frontier research in computer and robot Vision, with the a twofold mission: (i) the development of new methodologies and tools for computer and robot vision and (ii) the demonstration of such methodologies in challenging applications.

Main research areas:

  •  Image analysis and surveillance;
  • Visual Navigation and Calibration;
  • Bio-inspired Vision and Learning;
  • Cognitive Robots.

Coordination: José Santos-Victor

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João Abrantes
João Avelino
Catarina Barata
Alexandre Bernardino
Nino Cauli
Bruno Damas
Atabak Dehban
Rui Figueiredo
José Gaspar
Lorenzo Jamone
Manuel Lopes
Plinio Moreno
Jorge S. Marques
João Martins
Nuno Barroso Monteiro
Luis Montesano
Nuno Moutinho
Mehmet Mutlu
Athira Nambiar
Ricardo Nunes
Mirko Rakovic
Ricardo Ribeiro
David Ribeiro
Giampiero Salvi
José Santos-Victor
Giovanni Saponaro
Sofija Spasojevic
Pedro Vicente

Current Projects

Acronym Name Funding Dates
ACTICIPATE Action understanding in human and robot dyadic interaction EU - HORIZON 2020 2017-06|2018-08
RBCog-Lab RBCog-Lab: Robotics, Brain and Cognition Lab Portuguese Roadmap of Research Insfrastructures 2017-06|2020-05
ORIENT I Robotics for Goal-directed eye-head coordination in dynamic multisensory environments I ERC - Radboud University Nijmegen 2017-01|2019-06
SPARSIS Sparse Modeling and Estimation of Motion Fields FCT 2016-07|2019-06
AHA Augmented Human Assistance FCT 2014-08|2018-07

Closed Projects

Acronym Name Funding Dates
BIOMORPH Bio-inspired self-organizing robot computational morphologies FCT 2014-02|2015-07
LIMOMAN Developmental Learning of Internal Models for Robotic Manipulation based on Motor Primitives and Multisensory Integration EU-FP7-PEOPLE 2014-05|2016-04
POETICON++ Robots Need Language: A Computational Mechanism for Generalisation and Generation of New Behaviours in Robots EU-FP7 2012-01|2015-12
AuReRo Human-robot interaction with field robots using augmented reality and interactive mapping FCT 2011-04|2014-09
DICO(RE)2S Discount Coupon Recommendation and Redemption System EU-FP7 2011-07|2014-06
FIRST-MM Flexible Skill Acquisition and Intuitive Robot Tasking for Mobile Manipulation in the Real World EU-FP7 2010-02|2013-07
DCCAL Discrete Cameras Calibration using Properties of Natural Scenes FCT 2010-01|2013-06
RoboSoM A Robotic Sense of Movement EU-FP7 2009-12|2013-05
HANDLE Developmental pathway towards autonomy and dexterity in robot in-hand manipulation EU-FP7 2009-02|2013-01
MMCACC Modern Monte Carlo Algorithms for Computational Control FCT 2007-09|2010-12
BIO-LOOK Biomimetic Oculomotor Control for Humanoid Robots FCT 2007-10|2010-11
DecPUCS Decentralized Planning Under Uncertainty for Cooperative Systems FCT 2007-10|2010-09
URUS Ubiquitous Networking Robotics in Urban Settings EU-FP6 2006-07|2009-11
VENUS Virtual ExploratioN of Underwater Sites EU-FP6 2006-07|2009-06
CONTACT Learning and Development of Contextual Action EU-FP6 2005-09|2009-02
GESTINTERACT Gesture Interpretation for the Analysis of Interactions Humans/Robots/Humans FCT 2005-09|2008-08
VEMUCARV Spatial Validation of Complex Urban Grids in Virtual Imersive Environments FCT 2005-05|2008-06
EURON European Robotics Network EU-FP6 2004-05|2008-04
ROBOT-CUB Robotic Open-architecture Technology for Cognition, Understanding and Behaviour EU-FP6 2004-09|2010-01
MAYASub Development of a Small AUV for Scientific and Comercial Applications AdI 2003|2007
INTELTRAF Monitorização Automática do Fluxo de Trânsito Automóvel e Detecção de Acidentes e Avarias em Auto-Estradas FCT 2003|2005
Virtual Scan Real Objects in a Multimedia Context AdI 2003|2004
CAVIAR Context Aware Vision using Image-based Active Recognition EU-FP5 2002-10|2005-09
OMNISYS Omnidirectional Vision for Navigation and Control FCT 2002|2005
ALTICOPTER Unmanned Helicopter for Laser Altimetry FCT 2002|2005
Dig3D Sistema Óptico de Digitalização Tridimensional para a Indústria dos Moldes AdI 2002|2004
MIRROR Mirror Neurons for Recognition EU-FP5 2001|2004
MAROV Mapping of Marine Habitats in the Azores Using Robotic Vehicles FCT 2000|2004
DREAM Development of a Semi-Deep ROV for Scientific Applications and Environmental Monitoring FCT 2000|2004
RESCUE Cooperative Navigation for Rescue Robots FCT 2000|2004
SUMARE Survey of Marine Resources EU-FP5 2000|2003
3D Modeling from Video FCT 2000|2003
OMNIVIEWS Omnidirectional Vision System EU-FP5 2000|2001
NARVAL Navigation of Autonomous Robots Via Active Environmental Perception Eu-FP5 1998|2001
CAMERA CAD Modelling of Built Environments from Range Analysis EU-FP4 1998|2001
SIVA Integrated System for Active Surveillance FCT 1998-01|2001-04
INFANTE Development of Vehicles and Advanced Systems for the Execution of Underwater Inspection Tasks FCT 1997|2001
SMART II Semi Autonomous Monitoring and Robotics EU-FP4 1997|2000
VIRSBS Visual Intelligent Recognition for Secure Banking Services EU - FP4 1996|1999
Visual Behaviors for Mobile Robots JNICT 1996|1998
ARMMA Autonomous Robotic Methodologies for Multidisciplinary Applications JNICT 1995|2000
ERNET The European Robotics Network 1993-12|1996-11
MOBIUS Multi-sensor High Resolution Intelligent Marine Observation of Ocean Floor in Continental Shelves EU-FP2-MAST 1 1990|1993
AIMBURN Advanced Intelligent Multi-sensor System for Control of Boilers and Furnaces FP2-ESPRIT 2 1989|1992