Title: Comparing the resolution of Bartlett and MVDR estimators for bottom parameter estimation using pressure and vector sensor short array data
Kind : Conference Papers
Published In: Proc. of MTS/IEEE OCEANS 2013, Bergen, Norway
URL : http://sapientia.ualg.pt/bitstream/10400.1/5216/1/Comparing%20the%20resolution%20of%20Bartlett%20and%20MVDR%20processors%20for%20bottom%20parameter%20estimation%20using%20pressure%20and%20vector%20sensor%20short%20array%20data.pdf
Year : 2013
Authors : Paulo Alexandre da Silva Felisberto
J. Schneiderwind
Paulo Jorge Maia dos Santos
Orlando Camargo Rodriguez
Sérgio Manuel Machado Jesus
Lab : Signal and Image Processing Group (SIPG)