Title: Robotic Ocean Vehicles for Marine Science Applications: the European ASIMOV Project
Kind : Conference Papers
Published In: Proc. OCEANS 2000 MTS /IEEE, pp.409-415, Providence, Rhode Island, USA
Year : 2000
Authors : António Manuel dos Santos Pascoal
Paulo Jorge Ramalho Oliveira
Carlos Jorge Ferreira Silvestre
Luís Amorim Coelho Sebastião
Manuel Cecílio Rufino
Victor Alberto Neves Barroso
João Pedro Castilho Pereira Santos Gomes
G. Ayela
P. Coince
M. Cardew
A. Ryan
H. Braithwaite
N. Cardew
J. Trepte
N. Seube
J. Champeau
P. Dhaussy
V. Sauce
R. Moitie
R. S. Santos
F. Cardigos
M. Brussieux
P. Dando
Lab : Dynamical Systems and Ocean Robotics Lab (DSOR) Signal and Image Processing Group (SIPG)
Publication Partners: G. Ayela,P. coince,M. cardew,A. Ryan,H. Braithwaite,N. cardew,J. Trepte,N. Seube,J. champeau,P. Dhaussy,V. Sauce,R. Moitie,R. S. Santos,F. cardigos,M. Brussieux,P. Dando
File : Open File