Title: The Sleep Tutorial
Kind : Book Chapters
Published In: European Neurological Network, T. Paiva, T. Penzel (edt), pp193-206, Technology and Informatics 78, IOS Press
Year : 2000
Authors : T. Paiva
C. Guilleminault
T. Sagales
M. Billiard
J. Zulley
M.J. Challamel
J. Louis
A. Besset
P. Philip
P. Levy
Agostinho Claudio da Rosa
T. Penzel
Lab : Evolutionary Systems and Biomedical Engineering Lab (LaSEEB)
Publication Partners: T. Paiva,c. Guilleminault,T. Sagales,M. Billiard,J. Zulley,M.J. challamel,J. Louis,A. Besset,P. Philip,P. Levy,T. Penzel