Alexandre Calapez

Alexandre Calapez

Ph.D. Students

Position: Ph.D Student

Evolutionary Systems and Biomedical Engineering Lab (LaSEEB)


Phone :-218417922

Office: 6.17

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[1] Alexandre Calapez, Agostinho Rosa, "A Statistical Pixel Intensity Model for Segmentation of Confocal Laser Scanning Microscopy Images", IEEE Transactions on Image Processing, Vol. 19, no. 9, September, pp. 2408 - 2418, 2010
[2] Alexandre Calapez, Henrique M. Pereira, Angelo Calado, Jose Braga, Jose Rino, Celia Carvalho, Joao Paulo Tavanez, Elmar Wahle, Agostinho Rosa, Maria Carmo-Fonseca, "The intranuclear mobility of messenger RNA binding proteins is ATP dependent and temperature sensitive", Journal of Cell Biology, Volume 159, Number 5, pp 795-805, 2002
[1] Alexandre Calapez, Rui C. Martins, Agostinho Rosa, "Phase field estimation from single DIC microscopy images using the alternating direction method of multipliers", Proc. of CISP-BMEI 2017 - the 10th International Congress on Image and Signal Processing, Biomedical Engineering and Informatics, Shanghai, China, 2017
[2] Daria Migotina, Alexandre Calapez, Agostinho Rosa, "Automatic Artifacts Detection and Classification in Sleep EEG Signals Using Descriptive Statistics and Histogram Analysis: Comparison of Two Detectors", Proc. of SCET 2012 - Spring World Congress on Engineering and Technology, Xi'an, China, pp. 26-31, 2012

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