Pedro Roque

Pedro Roque
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[1] Rodrigo Ventura, Pedro Roque, Monica Ekal, "Towards an autonomous free-flying robot fleet for intra-vehicular transportation of loads in unmanned space stations", Proc. of the 69th International Austronautical Congress (IAC), Bremen, Germany, 2018 - PDF
[2] Pedro Roque, Rodrigo Ventura, "Space CoBot: modular design of an holonomic aerial robot for indoor microgravity environments", Proc. of IROS 2016 - IEEE/RSJ International Conference on Intelligent Robots and Systems, Daejeon, Korea, 2016
[1] Pedro Roque, Paolo Fiorini, Rodrigo Ventura, "MoonHopper: Conceptual design of an hopping robot for lunar exploration support", In Interactive presentation at the 69th International Aeronautical Congress (IAC), 2018

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