Rogério Largo

Rogério Largo

Ph.D. Students

Position: Adjoint Professor, Ph.D. Student

Evolutionary Systems and Biomedical Engineering Lab (LaSEEB)


Phone :+351-218418275

Office: 6.17

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Closed Projects

[1] Rogério Largo, Cecilia Lopes-Conceicao, Karen Spruyt, Christian Guilleminault, Yuan Wang , Agostinho Rosa, "Visual and Automatic Classification of the Cyclic Alternating Pattern in Sleep EEG", Brazilian Journal of Medical and Biological Research - BJMBR 2019 52(3), 2019
[2] L. J. Herrera, A.M. Mora, A. Guillen, Daria Migotina, Rogério Largo, Agostinho Rosa, Carlos Fernandes, "Combination of Feature Extraction Methods from EEG and Context Information for Sleep Stage Classification", International Journal of Neural Systems, Vol. 23, No. 3, June, 2013
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[1] Carlos Fernandes, Daria Migotina, Rogério Largo, Agostinho Rosa, "Sonification of Sleep EEG", Proc. of ARTECH 2017 - 8th International Conference on Digital Arts, Macau, China, pp. 161-164, 2017
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