ISR | Lisboa’s collaborative room, on floor 8 of the North Tower, was renewed and inaugurated on November 25.

The space is designed to foster collaborative moments within the ISR-Lisboa community and it recently improved to be even more comfortable.  The Colaboratorium is used for informal meetings, to grab a coffee, or even for an afternoon of work in a different setting.

Besides the new or improved facilities, we also inaugurated a small library, with space for book swapping and even recommended reading. If you’d like to recommend the next book – technology-related or not and of any genre – send an email to, with your name, the title you’d like to recommend and a short paragraph about the reasons you chose it.

We’re also looking for ‘secret artists’ within our community. Anyone who creates a piece that could be hung on a wall frame, which is currently free, can submit their photo, illustration or painting by applying to the same email.

Colaboratorium was created as a space to be used by everyone and it continues being put together with contributions from all.