Acronym CVAM
Name Automatic Classification of Marble Tiles
Funding Reference FCT - PRAXIS/2/2.1/TPAR/2057/95
Dates 1999|2001

This projects aims to develop methods for automatic classification of marble tiles. Presently, there are no standard criteria to classify marble tiles. Each tile is manually inspected and compared with other based on subjective evaluation. Furthermore, the subjective inspection rules changes depend on the factory that produces the tiles. The goal of this project is the choice of a set of visual features useful for the inspection of marble tiles and the development of classification methodologies. The results will be compared with the opinion of several experts in order to characterize the differences. The main difficulty of this problem lies on the fact that the optimal classification is not known in this problem.

Research Groups Signal and Image Processing Group (SIPG)
Project Partners IST, INESC, INETI
ISR/IST Responsible
Jorge Salvador Marques