Acronym CO-3AUVs
Name Cognitive Cooperative Control for Autonomous Underwater Vehicles
Funding Reference EU-FP7-ICT-231378
Dates 2009-02|2012-01

Project description: The aim of the Co3-AUVs project is to develop, implement, and test advanced cognitive systems for coordination and cooperative control of multiple AUVs. Several aspects will be investigated including 3D perception and mapping, cooperative situation awareness, deliberation and navigation as well as behavioural control strictly linked with the underwater communication challenges. As a result, the team of AUVs will cooperate in challenging scenarios in the execution of missions where all data are processed online. In doing so, the team will be robust with respect to failures and environmental changes. These key features will be tested in a harbour scenario where additional difficulties with respect to open sea applications arise and in a human diver assistance scenario that also illustrates human robot interaction issues.

Research Groups Dynamical Systems and Ocean Robotics Lab (DSOR)
Project Partners Jacobs University Bremen (DE), Universita degli Studi di Genova (IT), GRAAL Tech SRL (IT), Instituto Superior Técnico (PT)
ISR/IST Responsible
António Pascoal
Andreas Häusler