Acronym MultiBot
Name Modelos e Técnicas para Robots Móveis Inteligentes Aplicados a Tarefas Individuais e Cooperativas
Funding Reference CAPES/GRICES No. 4.1.7/CPLP/CAPES 099/03
Dates 2003|2006

This luso-brazilian cooperation project between ISR/IST and the Univesrity of Sao Paulo, plus the Technological Institute for Aeronautics, has focused on research and development on autonomous, efficient, sociable and adaptive robotic agents. Autonomous due to their on board sensing and decision-making capabilities; efficient because they must be capable of achieving specific goals under time and resource constraints; sociable since they can interact with other agents to solve problems and carry out complex tasks with respect to their individual skills; and adaptive because they can learn as they get more experienced, by refining their preferences regarding individual and collaborative actions. The cooperation among the 3 institutions is not limited to the exchange of scientific ideas, but aims at incubating young scientists, by creating better conditions to motivate their interest on research. The continuous transfer of new technologies to industry and services is also one of the project goal, supported by the creation of critical mass around specific topics in both countries.

Research Groups Intelligent Robots and Systems Group (IRSg)
Project Partners Universidade de São Paulo, Instituto Tecnológico para Aeronáutica (BR)
ISR/IST Responsible
Pedro Lima
Valdinei Silva
Valguima Odakura
Luís Custódio
Constança Sousa