Acronym MOBIUS
Name Multi-sensor High Resolution Intelligent Marine Observation of Ocean Floor in Continental Shelves
Funding Reference FP2 - MAST0028-C
Dates 1990|1993

The objective of the project is to prove the feasibility of a new concept for an oceanographic imaging system in coastal zones (depth 500 kHz, resolution < 0,2o) and a low light level CCD camera (sensitivity 2VaJcm2). The sonar provides directly the distances, and a dynamic stereo vision process has to be done with the camera to extract the 3d range map. To improve the reliability of the sensors’ observations and the accuracy of the 3d range maps, the multisensor data fusion will be performed under the control of a Knowledge Based System depending upon the application.

Research Groups Computer and Robot Vision Lab (VisLab)
Project Partners DIBE, Thomson-Sintra (F), Universidade de Génova (I)
ISR/IST Responsible
João Sentieiro
José Santos-Victor
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