Acronym ITER Trajectories
Name Optimization of Trajectories for the Cask and Plug Remote Handling System in Tokamak Building and Hot Cell
Funding Reference EU F4E F4E-GRT-276-01
Dates 2011-04|2011-12

Remote Handling (RH) is an absolute required feature of ITER not only during nominal operation, but also during rescue and recovery situations. Among the various RH systems and sub-systems, a Cask and Plug Remote handling Systems (CPRHS) including a mobile robot (CTS-Cask Transfer System) has been adopted as the reference solution for the transportation of casks (containing divertors and blankets) to/from vacuum vessel ports in all levels of the Tokamak Building (TB) and ports in the Hot Cell Building (HCB).

Following the work developed in a previous grant, the main objectives of the present grant addressed the issues of designing and analyzing the optimal paths and trajectories for all the ITER transportation tasks allocated to the CPRHS, in particular:
• Trajectories optimization for nominal operations, for parking and for rescue in TB and HCB for all casks (CPRHS, CTS, Rescue Casks) typologies and considering two different approaches to overcome the narrow spaces available:
– Common trajectories for both wheels of the CTS
– Different path for each wheel of the CTS
Maximization of commons parts of different trajectories, namely when the CPEHS has to travel from the lift to near ports in TB
Generation of 3D models (provided in CATIA) swept by the CPRHS, CTS (when moving alone)and rescue vehicles along each trajectory + volume of safety margin
Evaluation of minimum distance to nearest obstacles along the paths
Identification of potential clashes
Estimation of the time of execution of each path
Identification of zones of risk in the scenario
CAD models with proposal changes
Validation of 2D trajectories in a 3D VR tool will be provided by ASTRIUM ST.

Research Groups Intelligent Robots and Systems Group (IRSg)
Project Partners ASTRIUM (F), ISR/IST (coordinator) (P)
ISR/IST Responsible
Isabel Ribeiro
Pedro Lima
Rodrigo Ventura