Acronym ConSat
Name Stabilization and Control of Small Satellites
Funding Reference FCT - PRAXIS XXI 3/3.1/CTAE/1942/95
Dates 1997|2000

This project unifies a number of problems of stabilisation and control of the attitude motion of small satellites that can lead to results useful for space industry. Both passive and active control methods are considered. ISR/IST role in the project is to concentrate on the attitude control estimation and active control comparing several different methods. The control and estimation algorithms have been tested in simulations of PoSAT-1 and real data from PoSAT-1 and the Danish Orsted satellites. Cooperation links with other international groups (University of Aalborg, Denmark, and University of Surrey, UK) have been established.

Research Groups Intelligent Robots and Systems Group (IRSg)
Project Partners Universidade da Beira Interior (PT)
ISR/IST Responsible
Pedro Lima
Sónia Marques
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[2] Robert Clements, Pedro Tavares, Pedro Lima, "Small Satellite Attitude Control Based on a Kalman Filter", Proc. of IEEE ISIC 2000 (6 pages), Patras, Greece, 2000 - PDF
[3] Sónia Marques, Robert Clements, Pedro Lima, "Comparison of Small Satellite Attitude Determination Methods", in Proceedings of 2000 AIAA Conference on Navigation, Guidance and Control, Colorado, USA, 2000 - PDF