Name Opening the Deep Sea Frontier
Funding Reference EEA Grants - Integrated Marine and Coastal Managment Programme
Dates 2015-09|2017-05

The MEDUSA DEEP SEA project aims at affording national science and technology stakeholders a system of autonomous cooperative vehicles capable of carrying operations at water depths of up to 3,000 m in remote oceanic areas, with light logistic requirements. The system will support decision-making processes related to marine management and conservation policies in the context of the exploration and sustainable exploitation of the extensive sea floor under national jurisdiction. The envisioned system will build on a field-proven existing shallow water system of cooperative AUVs previously developed by the partner IST, involving all partners in the knowledge extension process to reach the deep-sea. The project will benefit from the proven expertise of partner ARGUS (NO) on deep-sea remotely operated vehicles.

Research Groups Dynamical Systems and Ocean Robotics Lab (DSOR)
Project Partners CEIIA - Centro para a excelência e Inovação na Indústria Automóvel (coordinator) (PT), IST- Instituto Superior Técnico (PT), IPMA - Instituto Português do Mar e da Atmosfera (PT), EMEPC (PT), IMAR - Instituto do Mar (PT), Argus Remotes Systems AS (NO)
ISR/IST Responsible
António Pascoal