Current Projects

Closed Projects

Acronym Name Funding Dates
e-CoVig Sistema Automático de Vigilância Remota de Sintomatologia Vital COVID-19 FCT 2020-05|2020-08
ReaTec Avaliação remota em telemedicina do Covid-19 ADI 2020-05|2021-09
Blue RoSES Blue Robotics for Sustainable Eco-friendly Services for innovative marinas & leisure boats EU 2019-12|2022-05
ROV4ALL Construção de Robôs Submarinos em Contexto Escolar Fundo Azul 2019-11|2021-10
ADELO ADELO IND_PT 2019-07|2019-12
DURABLE Maintenance Drones and Robots to Enhance Renewable Energy Systems in the Atlantic Area EU 2019-04|2022-03
FIREFRONT Real­-Time Forest Fire Mapping and Spread Forecast Using Unmanned Aerial Vehicles FCT 2019-03|2022-02
AI4EU A European AI On-Demand Platform and Ecosystem EU 2019-01|2021-12
IPPU Identificação e previsão de procura de urgências hospitalares FCT 2019-01|2021-12
CAPTURE Mechano-dependent capture of circulating tumour cells: a cell-ECM based approach coupled with cancer specific glycomarkers FCT 2018-11|2021-10
FRIENDS Fleet of dRones for radIological inspEction, commuNication anD reScue P2020 2018-10|2021-09
BIGMATH Big Data Challenges for Mathematics EU 2018-10|2022-09
NeuroAugVR Stroke Neurorehabilitation Augmented by Virtual Reality and EEG-neurofeedback: Neuroimaging-based Validation and Optimization FCT 2018-10|2022-09
FeedBot A symbiotic robotic arm for meal assistance FCT 2018-09|2019-08
DECENTER Controlo e Estimação Descentralizados Avançados com Aplicação à Navegação de Veículos Autónomos e Gestão de Redes de Tráfegos P2020 2018-08|2021-07
HARMONY Distributed Optimal Control for Cyber-Physical Systems Applications P2020 2018-08|2021-07
MBZIRC MBZIRC 2020 Team IND_INTL 2018-06|2021-11
REPLACE Fast delivery in urban environments using drone RElays: PLAnning, Control, and Estimation FCT 2018-06|2022-05
MIG_N2Treat Multimodal neuroimaging biomarkers throughout the migraine cycle: towards neurofeedback training for personalized anti-migraine treatment FCT 2018-06|2022-05
T1-qAFHA Myocardium T1 Quantification in Atrial Fibrillation Patients Enabled by HighlyAccelerated Acquisitions and Robust Motion Correction FCT 2018-06|2022-05
EUMarineRobots Marine robotics research infrastructure network EU 2018-03|2021-02
SCIROC European Robotics League plus Smart Cities Robot Competitions EU 2018-02|2022-01
OceanTech Collaborative vehicles and operation management systems for deep sea exploration P2020 2017-12|2021-10
INFANTE Satélite para aplicações marítimas e comunicações a partir de constelações P2020 2017-11|2020-10
ACTICIPATE Action understanding in human and robot dyadic interaction EU 2017-06|2018-08
RBCog-Lab Robotics, Brain and Cognition Lab FCT 2017-06|2021-11
ELEVAR Study of Vertical Structures with Robotized Aircrafts P2020 2017-04|2019-03
CEMRA Autonomous mobile robot programming using ROS on a remote web-based real robot lab INTL 2017-01|2017-12
MRLowF Development of a low field MRI scanner for stroke imaging FCT 2017-01|2019-12
ORIENT I Robotics for Goal-directed eye-head coordination in dynamic multisensory environments I EU 2017-01|2019-06
MULTIDRONE MULTIple DRONE platform for media production EU 2017-01|2019-12
Smart City Sense ADI 2016-12|2019-05
SPARSIS Sparse Modeling and Estimation of Motion Fields FCT 2016-07|2019-12
SENSE Sensing dysfunctional E-cadherin cells in gastric epithelia FCT 2016-07|2019-12
TRACE Tracing Gastric Cancer using Quantitative Bioimaging Analysis FCT 2016-06|2019-11
+Atlantico Science and Technology Policy and Innovation Analysis to Maximize the Economic, Environmental and Social Benefits of Deep Sea Exploration and Oil and Gas Development in the South Atlantic Region CMU-Portugal under agreement FCT 2016-02|2020-01
RockEU2 RockEU2 – Robotics Coordination Action for Europe Two EU 2016-02|2018-01
HaRoDE Human-aware service robots for domestic environments FCT 2016-01|2019-12
LOTUS Load transportation using Unmanned Aerial Vehicles FCT 2016-01|2019-12
MEDUSA DS Opening the Deep Sea Frontier INTL 2015-09|2017-05
WiMUST Widely scalable Mobile Underwater Sonar Technology EU 2015-02|2018-01
MarineUAS Innovative Training Network on Autonomous Unmanned Aerial Systems for Marine and Coastal Monitoring EU 2015-01|2019-03
TEBAS Development of Terrain-Referenced and Geomagnetic Navigation Techniques for Enhanced Navigation Performance of Unmanned Underwater Vehicles INTL 2014-10|2017-09
INSIDE Intelligent Networked Robot Systems for Symbiotic Interaction with Children with Impaired Development FCT 2014-08|2018-07
AHA Augmented Human Assistance FCT 2014-08|2018-07
LIMOMAN Developmental Learning of Internal Models for Robotic Manipulation based on Motor Primitives and Multisensory Integration EU 2014-05|2016-04
BIOMORPH Bio-inspired self-organizing robot computational morphologies FCT 2014-02|2015-07
ECOS Enhanced Motion Tracking for Control of Aerial Robots FCT 2014-01|2018-12
CADDY Cognitive Autonomous Diving Buddy EU-FP7 2014-01|2016-12
MRF MR Fingerprinting for Quantitative Diffusion Imaging of the Brain FCT 2014-01|2018-12
USORA Unified Solution of Remote Access in Practical Vocational Engineering Education EU 2013-10|2015-09
NeuroPhysIm Noninvasive quantitative imaging of cerebral physiology: application to normal aging and small vessel diseases FCT 2013-07|2015-12
HIFI-MRI Analysis of functional brain connectivity using fMRI at ultra-high field FCT 2013-07|2015-06
SEAGULL Intelligent Systems for the Maritime Situational Awareness using Unmanned Aerial Vehicles ADI 2013-07|2015-06
ORCHESTRA Distributed Optimization and Control of Large Scale Water Delivery Systems FCT 2013-04|2015-07
MonarCH Multi-Robot Cognitive Systems Operating in Hospitals EU-FP7 2013-02|2016-01
RoCKIn Robot Competitions Kick Innovation in Cognitive Systems and Robotics EU-FP7 2013-01|2015-12
SAVEL A avaliação electrónica como ferramenta de promoção do sucesso escolar no 1º ciclo do ensino básico QREN 2012-11|2014-12
MORPH Marine robotic system of self-organizing, logically linked physical nodes EU-FP7 2012-02|2016-01
POETICON++ Robots Need Language: A Computational Mechanism for Generalisation and Generation of New Behaviours in Robots EU-FP7 2012-01|2015-12
DICO(RE)2S Discount Coupon Recommendation and Redemption System EU-FP7 2011-07|2014-06
AuReRo Human-robot interaction with field robots using augmented reality and interactive mapping FCT 2011-04|2014-09
ITER Trajectories Optimization of Trajectories for the Cask and Plug Remote Handling System in Tokamak Building and Hot Cell EU - F4E 2011-04|2011-12
ITER CPRHS/CTS Activities Related to the Optimization of Trajectories for the Cask and Plug Remote Handling System in Tokamak Building and Hot Cell EU F4E 2011-04|2011-10
NeuralDynamics A neuro-dynamic framework for cognitive robotics: scene representations, behavioural sequences, and learning EU 2011-04|2015-03
ATLAS Advances in Terrain-based Localization of Autonomous Submersibles FCT 2011-03|2014-02
FLUCT.WIND Wind Power Fluctuation Characterization and Categorization by Time-Spectra Wavelet Analysis FCT 2011-03|2014-02
CONAV Cooperative Navigation and Control of Multiple Autonomous Vehicles FCT 2011-02|2014-01
ADIAR Alzheimer Disease: Image Analysis and Recognition FCT 2011-01|2014-06
Dyn Imag Noninvasive dynamic neuroimaging in epilepsy FCT 2011-01|2013-12
AMMAIA A concerted action of archaeology, natural sciences and applied technologies to place a Roman town in context FCT 2011-01|2013-12
MAST/AM Advanced Tracking and Telemetry Methodologies to Study Marine Animals FCT 2011-01|2013-12
NIP Novas metodologias de processamento de informação para redes inteligentes de sensores FCT 2010-11|2013-10
MAIS-S Multiagent Intelligent Surveillance System FCT 2010-09|2013-08
CONMAR Cognitive Robotics: Cooperative Control and Navigation of Multiple Marine Robots for Assisted Human Diving Operations EU 2010-06|2011-11
HDA High Definition Analytics QREN 2010-05|2013-10
SCARVE Sensor-based Control of Aerial Robotic Vehicles FCT 2010-04|2013-03
HIVCONTROL Control based on dynamic modeling of HIV-1 infection for therapy design FCT 2010-04|2013-03
ADCOD Advanced Code and Receiver Designs for Transmission over Selective Radio Channels FCT 2010-03|2013-02
URBISNET Urban Environmental Networked Sensing using a Public Transportation Infrastructure FCT 2010-03|2013-02
Detection of Brain Microstates in Fibromyalgia FCT 2010-03|2013-02
TRIDENT Marine Robots and Dexterous Manipulation for Enabling Autonomous Underwater Multipurpose Intervention Missions EU-FP7 2010-03|2013-02
IMASEG3D Learning to Combine Hierarchical Image Modeling with 2-D Segmentation and 3-D Pose Recovery of Visual Objects EU-FP7 2010-03|2012-03
FIRST-MM Flexible Skill Acquisition and Intuitive Robot Tasking for Mobile Manipulation in the Real World EU-FP7 2010-02|2013-07
BioInstBots From Bio-Inspired to Institutional-Inspired Collective Robotics FCT 2010-02|2013-01
PrintArt Content and Ontology based Art Image Annotation and Retrieval FCT 2010-01|2013-11
ADDI Automatic Computer-based Diagnosis System for Dermoscopy Images FCT 2010-01|2013-09
ARGUS Activity Recognition and Object Tracking Based on Multiple Models FCT 2010-01|2013-06
DCCAL Discrete Cameras Calibration using Properties of Natural Scenes FCT 2010-01|2013-06
HEARTRACK Segmentation and Tracking of the Human Heart in 2D and 3D Ultrasound Data based on a Principled Combination of the Top-down and Bottom-up Paradigms FCT 2010-01|2013-06
VISTA Vision based Touch interaction Anywhere FCT 2010-01|2013-03
PCMMC Perception-Driven Coordinated Multi-Robot Motion Control FCT 2010-01|2013-02
QuadMission Desenvolvimento de um Sistema Automático e Inteligente para Aeronave Não Tripulada – Plataforma QuadCopter U4 QREN 2010-01|2011-01
RoboSoM A Robotic Sense of Movement EU-FP7 2009-12|2013-05
AIRTICI Advanced Interactive Robotic Tools for the Inspection of Critical Infrastructures AdI - QREN 2009-03|2012-02
ITER ATS Activities Related to the Development of an Air Transfer System Prototype and Cask Transfer System Virtual Mock-up EU - F4E 2009-03|2010-06
HANDLE Developmental pathway towards autonomy and dexterity in robot in-hand manipulation EU-FP7 2009-02|2013-01
CO-3AUVs Cognitive Cooperative Control for Autonomous Underwater Vehicles EU-FP7 2009-02|2012-01
OAEx Ocean Acoustic Exploration EU-FP7 2009-02|2012-07
OBSERVFLY Uninhabited Aircraft for Marine Science Applications FCT 2008-11|2011-10
UAN Underwater Acoustic Network EU-FP7-ICT/Security 2008-10|2011-09
NCOR Neural Correlates of Object Recognition: Structure-function Correlations within the Visual Ventral Stream, Striatal and Limbic Circuits in Health and Disease FCT 2008-10|2010-09
SIMBAD Beyond Features: Similarity-Based Pattern Analysis and Recognition EU-FP7-ICT 2008-04|2011-09
Smart Vision An Active Vision Aid for the Blind FCT 2008-01|2010-12
DELKETI Development and Learning of Kernels for Text and Images FCT 2008-01|2010-12
PHITOM Probabilistic High-Frequency Ocean Tomography for Underwater Communications and Navigation FCT 2007-12|2011-05
WEAM Wave Energy Acoustic Monitoring FCT 2007-11|2010-10
U-BOAT Ultra-Wide Band Transmission for Ad Hoc Networks FCT 2007-10|2011-09
NAV Development and Application of Advanced Nonlinear Control Techniques for the Coordination and Motion Control of a Network of Autonomous Vehicles FCT 2007-10|2010-12
BIO-LOOK Biomimetic Oculomotor Control for Humanoid Robots FCT 2007-10|2010-11
DecPUCS Decentralized Planning Under Uncertainty for Cooperative Systems FCT 2007-10|2010-09
MODI 3D Models from 2D Images FCT 2007-10|2010-09
SIPM Signal and Image Processing on Manifolds FCT 2007-10|2010-09
OpenMicroBio A Framework for Computational Simulation of Cellular Communities during BioProcess Engineering FCT 2007-10|2010-09
HELICIM Autonomous Helicopter for Critical Infrastructure Monitoring FCT 2007-10|2010-09
DENO DEvelopment of Nonlinear Observers FCT 2007-09|2010-12
MMCACC Modern Monte Carlo Algorithms for Computational Control FCT 2007-09|2010-12
ESONET European Sea Observatory Network EU-FP6 2007-03|2011-02
URUS Ubiquitous Networking Robotics in Urban Settings EU-FP6 2006-12|2009-11
FREESUBNET Marie Curie Research Training Network EU-FP6 2006-11|2010-10
VENUS Virtual ExploratioN of Underwater Sites EU-FP6 2006-07|2009-06
GREX Coordination and Control of Cooperating Heterogeneous Unmanned Systems in Uncertain Environments EU-FP6 2006-06|2009-06
Swarm Intelligence for Cooperative Control of Multiple Robots 2006-01|2012-02
UAB Underwater Acoustic Barriers for Harbour Protection FCT 2006-01|2007-12
Euron Research Atelier on Network Robot Systems EU - EURON 2005-12|2006-12
CONTACT Learning and Development of Contextual Action EU-FP6 2005-09|2009-02
GESTINTERACT Gesture Interpretation for the Analysis of Interactions Humans/Robots/Humans FCT 2005-09|2008-08
RIOL Robotic Inspection Over Power Lines FCT 2005-09|2008-08
VEMUCARV Spatial Validation of Complex Urban Grids in Virtual Imersive Environments FCT 2005-05|2008-06
Accurate Measurements of High Voltage Installations with Laser Range Scanners and GPS LABELEC 2005-03|2005-11
RUMOS Robotic Underwater Vehicles and Marine Animals Tracking Systems FCT 2005-01|2008-01
SADOGEOROB Coastline variations, neotectonics and evolution of the Sado submarine delta during the Quaternary: an integrated geological and marine robotics approach FCT 2005|2008
UCAV Assessment of Technology Needs for Unmanned Combat Air Vehicles RTP 2005|2007
RADAR Environmental Assessment with a Random Array of Acoustic Receivers FCT 2004-10|2007-09
ROBOT-CUB Robotic Open-architecture Technology for Cognition, Understanding and Behaviour EU 2004-09|2010-01
EURON European Robotics Network EU 2004-05|2008-04
NUACE Non-chooperant Underwater Acoustic Channel Estimation FCT 2004-01|2006-12
AOBREA Acoustic Oceanographic Buoy Rapid Environmental Assessment 2004|2006
Absolut Sensor Aided Inertial Navigation Systems Internal 2004|2006
EXOCET/D Extreme Ecosystem Studies in the Deep Ocean: Technological Development EU-FP6 2004|2006
RAPOSA Robot Semi-Autónomo para Operações de Salvamento ADI 2003-03|2005-02
MEDIRES Methodologies for Surveying and Diagnosis of Semi-submerged Structures ADI 2003|2007
MAYASub Development of a Small AUV for Scientific and Comercial Applications ADI 2003|2007
FEMDS Formation Estimation Methodologies for Distributed Spacecraft ESA 2003|2007
MultiBot Modelos e Técnicas para Robots Móveis Inteligentes Aplicados a Tarefas Individuais e Cooperativas 2003|2006
High Resolution Optical Satellite Sensors EUCLID 2003|2005
Virtual Scan Real Objects in a Multimedia Context AdI 2003|2004
INTELTRAF Monitorização Automática do Fluxo de Trânsito Automóvel e Detecção de Acidentes e Avarias em Auto-Estradas ADI 2002-12|2005-01
CAVIAR Context Aware Vision using Image-based Active Recognition EU-FP5 2002-10|2005-09
OMNISYS Omnidirectional Vision for Navigation and Control FCT 2002-09|2005-08
SACOR Semi-Autonomous Cooperative Robots FCT 2002|2006
LTT Long Term Tracking of Multiple Objects for Surveillance FCT 2002|2005
AMA Automatic Modeling of Architecture FCT 2002|2005
ALTICOPTER Unmanned Helicopter for Laser Altimetry FCT 2002|2005
Dig3D Sistema Óptico de Digitalização Tridimensional para a Indústria dos Moldes AdI 2002|2004
GEODIF Differential Geometry Based Signal Processing Techniques for the Resolution of Convolutive Mixtures in Wireless Communication Systems FCT 2002|2004
MIRROR Mirror Neurons for Recognition EU-FP5 2001|2004
Modem for Digital Communication in Underwater Acoustic Channels FUP 2001|2004
LOCAPASS Source Localization with a Random Field of Sonobouys in Shallow Water FUP 2001|2003
RODITAS III Robô Didáctico para Técnicos de Automação de Sistemas Ciencia Viva 2001|2002
CORTEX A System for Learning and Recognition of Visual Objects FCT 2001|2002
DisNet Distributed Scheduling for Networks FCT 2001|2002
FREESUB Autonomous Underwater Vehicle for Subsea Intervention EU-FP5 2000|2004
MAROV Mapping of Marine Habitats in the Azores Using Robotic Vehicles FCT 2000|2004
DREAM Development of a Semi-Deep ROV for Scientific Applications and Environmental Monitoring FCT 2000|2004
RESCUE Cooperative Navigation for Rescue Robots FCT 2000|2004
Detection and Fuzzy Classification of Transient Signals in the Time – Frequency Plane FCT 2000|2004
ATOMS Acoustic Tomography Monitoring System FCT 2000|2004
Separation of Digital Sources Mixtures by Convex Methods FCT 2000|2004
Channel Estimation for Equalization and Synchronization in OFDM Underwater Acoustic Communication Systems FCT 2000|2004
SUMARE Survey of Marine Resources EU-FP5 2000|2003
HEART 3D Measurement of the Heart Geometry from Ultrasound Images FCT 2000|2003
3D Modeling from Video FCT 2000|2003
OMNIVIEWS Omnidirectional Vision System EU-FP5 2000|2001
MS-AGENCY Control of Manufacturing Systems using Societies of Evolutive Agents FCT 1999|2004
DARE Development of Emotion-based Robotic Agents FCT 1999|2004
TMO Tracking of Moving Objects with Trained Multi-Models FCT 1999|2003
TOMPACO Tomografia Passiva Costeira CNR (IT) 1999|2003
CVAM Automatic Classification of Marble Tiles FCT 1999|2001
Caracterização Espectral de Efeitos Acústicos em Ambiente Marinho FUP 1999|2001
SIVA Integrated System for Active Surveillance FCT 1998-01|2001-04
CARAVELA Development of a Long Range Autonomous Oceanographic Vessel 1998|2003
NARVAL Navigation of Autonomous Robots Via Active Environmental Perception EU-FP5 1998|2001
ASIMOV Advanced System Integration for Managing the Coordinated Operation of Robotic Ocean Vehicles EU-FP4 1998|2001
MONAZ Monterey-Azores: Cooperative Approaches to Underwater Filed Objective Detection and Mapping ONR (US) 1998|2001
CAMERA CAD Modelling of Built Environments from Range Analysis EU-FP4 1998|2001
AMOVIP Advanced Modeling of Visual Information Processing INCO-DC 1998|2001
ADIAC Automatic Diatom Identification and Classification EU-FP4 1998|2001
CARAVANA DO SONO Remote Diagnosis of Sleep: Polivalent Mobile Unit FCT 1998|2000
ONIE Observação da Natureza em Intercâmbio Estudantil 1998|1999
Guidance and Navigation Systems for ITER RH Air Cushion Transport Casks EURATOM 1997-10|1998-01
Teleoperation of Transport Vehicles and Robotic Manipulators EURATOM 1997-01|1998-01
SocRob Society of Cooperative Robots FCT 1997
Development of Integrated Systems for the Clean Production of Glass FCT 1997
COOPERA Cooperation Among Multiple Robotic Devices FCT 1997|2002
INFANTE Development of Vehicles and Advanced Systems for the Execution of Underwater Inspection Tasks FCT 1997|2001
ConSat Stabilization and Control of Small Satellites FCT 1997|2000
INTIMATE Internal Tide Measurements with Acoustic Tomoghrapic FCT 1997|2000
SMART II Semi Autonomous Monitoring and Robotics EU-FP4 1997|2000
AGHORA Genetic Algorithms in Dynamic Timetable Scheduling FCT 1997|2000
PALM Predictive Model of Downy Mildew by Evolutionary Synthesis 1997|2000
DC&T Multimedia Technologies Development to Science Divulgation FCT 1997|2000
Blind Array Processing in Mobile Communications NATO 1997|1999
HPO-SIMAG High Performance Optimization of Simulation Models in Agriculture EU-FP4 1997|1999
EPILEPSY Temporal Lobe Epilepsy: Crisis Prediction, Propagation Mechanisms and Microchirurgic Anatomy FCT 1997|1999
Conceptual Study of a Flexible Guidance and Docking System for ITER RH Transport Casks EURATOM 1996-12|1997-06
Visual Behaviors for Mobile Robots FCT 1996-01|1998-12
Autonomous Vehicle Design and Control 1996|2002
Navigation Systems with Applications to Air, Surface and Underwater Vehicles NATO 1996|2001
HYPNOS Integrated System for Sleep/Wake Analysis FCT 1996|2000
ISACS Integrated System for Analysis and Characterization of the Seafloor EU - FP4 1996|1999
VIRSBS Visual Intelligent Recognition for Secure Banking Services EU - FP4 1996|1999
ENN European Neurological Network EU-FP4 1996|1999
ARMMA Autonomous Robotic Methodologies for Multidisciplinary Applications JNICT 1995|2000
RESOLV Reconstruction using Scanned Laser and Video EU-FP4 1995|2000
Development of Small Flexible Mobile Robots 1995|1999
Open Distributed Control Architecture for a PUMA 560 Manipulator 1994|2000
ERNET The European Robotics Network 1993-12|1996-11
PO-ROBOT Multiple Purpose Portuguese Flexible Mobile Robot NATO-SfS 1993|2000
MOBIUS Multi-sensor High Resolution Intelligent Marine Observation of Ocean Floor in Continental Shelves EU-FP2-MAST 1 1990|1993
AIMBURN Advanced Intelligent Multi-sensor System for Control of Boilers and Furnaces EU 1989|1992