Name Source Localization with a Random Field of Sonobouys in Shallow Water
Funding Reference Fundação das Universidades Portuguesas - Ministry of Defence
Dates 2001|2003

The LOCAPASS project aims at developing an integrated system for passive source localization using a single or a small number of acoustic sensors. The principle is based on using the environmental information as modeled by an acoustic propagation model to discriminate a perturbation introduced by an active source. Previous results have shown that: i) if the sound source has a relatively large time-bandwidth product and ii) the environment is sufficiently known and stable, it is indeed possible to obtain single sensor source localization in range and depth. Actual improvements on the receiving system to provide some horizontal aperture and provide rough bearing estimation as well.


1- To study the feasibility of a single sensor source localization system.
2 – To develop a real system based on sonobouys.
3 – To experimentally test the developed system prototype at sea.

Research Groups Signal and Image Processing Group (SIPG)
ISR/IST Responsible
Sérgio Jesus