Startup companies

ISR-Lisboa cultivates the the transfer of science and technology back to society, through projects with companies, creating patents, and entrepreneurship. Several ISR-Lisboa alumni and collaborators have launched startup companies that are active in different domains:

idMind (2000)

Since its inception in 2000 that IDMIND has centered its activity on the development and commercialization of a portfolio of innovative products and services of technological basis, in the areas of Robotics, Automation, and Mechatronics, which are the result of a strong focus on Research and Development activities.

AGORA (2001)

AGORA (formerly Observit) is a software engineering company focused on developing applications for physical security services and management, including video based surveillance. In the last ten years AGORA/Observit deployed the most demanding security solutions for the high-end of the national market with end-users like the Portuguese Central Bank, the Portuguese Armed Forces, the highway operator Brisa, Portugal Telecom, and we reached 25% of market share in Shopping Center security technology.

Reverse (2001)

Reverse Engineering began its activity in 2001, having developed its own proprietary technology, an optic three-dimensional scanning system. The system was then tested and further developed in cooperation with important Portuguese mould industry companies. The dPlus system has been used on 3D digitization and 3D coordinate measurement for reverse engineering in product development, experimental deformation analysis and quality control.

Blue Edge (2003)

Blue Edge is a Technological company, operating in such fields as robotics, navigation, sensors, real-time data acquisition systems, data processing and system integration. Ever since the beginning, one of Blue Edge’s strongest areas of activity is the bathymetric surveying services. With own technology and a team well experienced in field operations, Blue Edge offers high-quality data with full knowledge of the process from sensors to data processing.


Albatroz Engineering develops hardware/software systems and signal processing for three-dimensional reconstruction. It also works on sensor payloads for aircraft, high-speed trains and ground vehicles, sensor systems for unmanned aerial vehicles. Its fields of application are power line analysis, inspections and asset management and archeology modeling. Albatroz Engineering is also a DOA organisation or Design Organisation Approval (Part 21J) from European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA).

Selftech (2008)

Seltech’s main focus is to develop robotic solutions, autonomous systems and hardware and software for embedded systems. From medical surgery to edutainment robots, from house cleaning to space exploration, robotic systems are everywhere nowadays and they are here to stay.

Distal Motion is based in Switzerland and is dedicated to medical robots and systems, with an emphasis on laparoscopic surgery.

uRoboptics (2013)

μRoboptics provides specialized consulting services in the areas of robotics, computer vision, information technologies and engineering. μRoboptics combines solid scientific knowledge with practical engineering spirit to deliver state-of-the-art solutions. Currently our focus is on technological research and software development for 3D reconstruction and industrial quality control systems.