The governance of ISR- Lisboa is composed of the following main bodies:

  • President
  • Executive Council
  • Deputy Vice-President for Scientific Affairs
  • Scientific Council
  • Scientific Board

The Scientific Board is composed by all researchers holding a doctoral degree. The President and the Deputy VP for Scientific Affairs are elected by the members of Scientific Board. The members of the Executive Council and the Scientific Council are proposed by the President and Deputy VP for Scientific Affairs and approved by the Scientific Board.


Pedro M.U. Lima
Pedro M.U. LimaPresident

Scientific Council

João Sanches
João SanchesDeputy Vice President for Scientific Affairs
Rodrigo Ventura
Rodrigo Ventura
João Pedro Gomes
João Pedro Gomes
Catarina Barata
Catarina Barata
Pedro Batista
Pedro Batista

Executive Council

Luis Custódio
Luis CustódioBoard member
Alexandre Bernardino
Alexandre Bernardino

External Advisory Committee

Their role is to produce an annual report stating their views about ISR performance based on the documents provided by the ISR leadership. Every two years the EAC will visit the ISR premises interacting directly with the researchers and the students in their research environment.

EAC evaluation report for the period 2008-2012

Past Presidents

João Senteiro
João Senteiro1992 to 2005 - Founding President; 2013 to 2014
Isabel Ribeiro
Isabel Ribeiro2006 to 2007
Victor Barroso
Victor Barroso2007 to 2012
José Santos-Victor
José Santos-Victor2015 to 2022

Past Board of Directors

Period 2015-2022

  • José Santos-Victor, President
  • Luís Custódio
  • João Sanches

Period 2013-2014

  • João Sentieiro, President
  • José Santos-Victor
  • Paulo Oliveira

Period 2011-2012

  • Victor Barroso, President
  • José Santos-Victor
  • Paulo Oliveira

Period 2007-2010

  • Victor Barroso, President
  • José Santos-Victor
  • Carlos Bispo

Period 2006-2007

  • Isabel Ribeiro, President
  • Jose Santos-Victor
  • Pedro Aguiar

Period 1992-2005

  • João Sentieiro, President
  • Isabel Ribeiro
  • Victor Barroso