Acronym CEMRA
Name Autonomous mobile robot programming using ROS on a remote web-based real robot lab
Funding Reference INTL - IEEE Robotics & Automation Society
Dates 2017-01|2017-12

Autonomous mobile robots is an exciting engineering field, providing fertile ground for teaching a broad range of important concepts, including dynamical systems, control theory, sensor fusion, decision-making, motion and action planning, among others. In addition, the cyber physical nature of robotic platforms makes them quite appealing and motivating for students. This project aims at the development of learning material to teach basic concepts of mobile robots, encompassing both single and multiple robots, through remote hands-on experimentation. As output, we will provide (1) the learning material, based on the widely used Robot Operating System (ROS) as middleware and development environment, (2) an open specification of a remote physical robotics lab where students may execute practical exercises using real robots, and (3) simulator configuration files modeling the physical lab. The scope of the learning material covers a wide range of topics on mobile robots, from sensors and actuators, up to autonomous navigation and formation control.


Research Groups Intelligent Robots and Systems Group (IRSg)
ISR/IST Responsible
Jose Seoane
Pedro Lima
Rodrigo Ventura