Name Accurate Agent Localization and Mapping Methods for Structured Indoor Retail Store Environments
Dates 2020-06|2023-07

Development of a SLAM module for an autonomous mobile robot for a retail store. Order subject description, divided into stages: Stage I – Development of algorithms (and their implementation) for the localization of an autonomous mobile robot working in the salesroom of a retail store. The following sensors can be used: RGB cameras, stereoscopic and RGB-D cameras, ToF, or similar laser distance sensors, IMUs, encoders. Stage II – Development of algorithms (and their implementation) for map update and simultaneous location and mapping (SLAM) for the autonomous mobile robot described above, using the same set of sensors as in the point above. The system will be designed to operate in the sales store of a retail store. On the constructed map will have to be placed, identified based on the image, elements of furniture of the robot’s operating space, including the docking station. The map must have a format that allows its use in motion execution and planning systems that will be created in parallel. Stage III – Tests, adaptation, and integration of the system on the robot platform built as part of the project.

Research Groups Intelligent Robots and Systems Group (IRSg)
ISR/IST Responsible
Pedro Miraldo