Acronym DICO(RE)2S
Name Discount Coupon Recommendation and Redemption System
Funding Reference EU-FP7-SME-262451
Dates 2011-07|2014-06

DICO(RE)2S is an SME European Consortium devoted to develop and deploy a coupon-based discount campaign platform that will exploit state-of-the-art information and communication technologies and processes for providing consumers and retailers/manufactures with a personalized and efficient environment for maximizing customer satisfaction and business profitability.

The platform will incorporate a centralized social-network-type of virtual space from which retailers/manufactures and customers will offer and demand, respectively, specific discounts. A distributed network of coupon redemption points at both, on-line and physical stores, will provide the system with real-time information about the coupon redemption dynamics.

The centralized virtual space can be accessed by customers via any mobile device as well as desktop computers, and coupons will be delivered in either digital or paper formats. The virtual space will provide users with and intelligent-search engine and recommender system as well as forum facilities for evaluating and commenting on previous coupon and discount experiences. An integrated opinion mining and information extraction module will provide useful information for improving the systems searching and recommending capabilities as well as for offering retailers/manufacturers with real time reports and evaluation on specific discount campaigns.

As the platform should allow customers and retailers/manufacturers to access the information in their native languages, in the first phase of the project, English and Spanish will be considered, and more languages will be incorporated as required by business growth and expansion. The distributed network of coupon redemption points will implement pattern recognition systems for reading and validating coupons as well as security encryption and transmission systems that will guarantee the integrity of the overall coupon redemption strategy as well as the reliability of the data.

Research Groups Computer and Robot Vision Lab (VisLab)
Project Partners OBSERVIT- Tecnologias de Visão por Computador, Lda. (PT), NEXTAGE SRL (IT), AITEK (IT), QPORAMA (ES), Barcelona Media (ES)
ISR/IST Responsible
Alexandre Bernardino