Acronym MBZIRC
Name MBZIRC 2020 Team
Funding Reference IND_INTL United Arab Emirates
Dates 2018-06|2021-11

The Mohamed Bin Zayed International Robotics Challenge (MBZIRC) is an international robotics competition, to be held every two years with a total prize and team sponsorship of USD 5 Million. Robotics has the potential to have an impact that is as transformative as the internet, with robotics technology poised to fuel a broad range of next-generation products and applications in a diverse array of fields. Robotic competitions in the past few decades have been a catalyst that has accelerated the rate of technological advancements in the field of robotics and autonomous systems. MBZIRC aims to provide an ambitious, science-based, and technologically demanding set of challenges in Robotics, open to a large number of international teams. It is intended to demonstrate the current state of the art in robotics in terms of scientific and technological accomplishments and to inspire the future of robotics. Similar to other major competitions, the MBZIRC aims to provide an environment that harbours innovation and technical excellence, while encouraging spectacular performance with robotics technologies.

Research Groups Intelligent Robots and Systems Group (IRSg)
Project Partners University of Seville, CATEC
ISR/IST Responsible
Pedro Lima
Meysam Basiri