Acronym Virtual Scan
Name Real Objects in a Multimedia Context
Funding Reference Agência de Inovação - POSI Program
Dates 2003|2004

This project aims the development and validation of methodologies designed to automate the generation of appealing three-dimensional graphical contents. These methodologies will be integrated within a single multimedia tool, that will be able to (1) generate 3D models by digitizing real object, (2) optimize their visual appearance, (3) map the registered textures and colours onto the resulting geometric models and (4) generate rendering and manipulation code that can be inserted in standard multimedia software.
The results of this project will be used in the construction of an innovative production good, which will optimize the full process of graphical content design for the Internet, cd-rom and interactive TV. This optimization represents a major improvement of the products and services offered by the Companies in this consortium.
Target-customers for such a tool are mainly companies that develop multimedia contents for e-commerce and virtual catalogs (commercial and cultural), computer-game industry, visual-effects and animation.
This project will promote a future technological and commercial partnership between the Companies. The consortium also intends to give international visibility to this project and to actively search for international partners for future technological and commercial cooperation.

Research Groups Computer and Robot Vision Lab (VisLab)
Project Partners SET SA, Reverse Eng. SA
ISR/IST Responsible
João Paulo Costeira