ISR-Lisboa was present at Técnico Taguspark campus Open day past November 6, to celebrate its 21st Anniversary. Joining public, professors, researchers, students and non-teaching staff, the event celebrated science performed by Técnico in multiple knowledge areas.

The open day started at 10 a.m with several activities, with students groups exhibition stands and several open laboratories. The activities carried out by the Intelligent Robot and Systems Group (IRSg) included demonstrations with RAPOSA-NG (search and rescue robot) and Space Cobot (research platform design for space missions). RAPOSA-NG has been developed to operate in outdoors hazardous environments, such as debris resulting from structure collapses and find potential human victims that need to be saved. With an interface where the operator seems everything that the robot sees (allowing the perception of the environment of RAPOSA-NG), it can be used by firefighters, Air Force and the Guarda Nacional Republicana. The Space Cobot it’s a collaborative service robot for microgravity environments, that addresses the design of an autonomous flying robot to assist astronauts inside space stations in orbit.

DSOR lab (Dynaminal Systems and Ocean Robotics Laboratory) also presented their work both in aerial and marine robotics. The flight arena demo included a (Bla). Marine robotics showcase FUSION, an innovative comercial underwater vehicle that merges academia and industry and Delfim, one of our biggest Autonomous Surface Vehicle (ASV). For Fusion, being a collaborative project, IISR-Lisboa was responsible for the development of its navigation and control systems. That “intelligence”, embodied in the red miniaturized submarine, makes it behave like an underwater drone, that can be operated in inhospitable and inaccessible places up to 300 m deep. Delfim, due to its large dimensions, has the capacity to carry large payloads , for example to map the sub-bottom layers under the sea, using seismic reflection methods.

During the afternoon, ISR researcher and professor, Rodrigo Ventura, also gave a talk on intelligent space robotics (see here).

“It was really a fun day. Not only for the visitors but also for us researchers”, says João Quintas, PhD student at ISR-Lisboa. “Being on a Saturday, we were skeptical at first about the visitors number at the event. But a lot of people showed up and it’s always a wonderful experience to share a day with curious people and to have the opportunity to talk about science”, explains David Souto (DSOR lab MSc student).

The ceremony ended with a Solemn session, that included an anniversary cake and the audience singing “Happy Birthday”. This session was attended by IST President, professor Rogério Colaço, the Universidade de Lisboa Rector, professor Luís Ferreira and the Councillor of the Oeiras City Hall, Dr. Pedro Patacho.

“I would like to congratulate Técnico and ask you to continue to be the leaders, as you’ve been doing for more than a hundred years, especially in the history of this campus”, said the Rector of Universidade de Lisboa. “In order to fulfil its mission, the Taguspark campus must be an integral part of the ecosystem in which is included”, highlighted IST president.

The first edition of the Open Day at ISR Taguspark campus had the support of Oeiras City Hall and MAAC – Música Antiga Associação Cultural.