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Position: PhD Student

Signal and Image Processing Group (SIPG)


Phone :+351-962881067

Office: Room 7.10

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[1] Han Zhao, ShanghangZhang, W. Guanhang, João Paulo Costeira, Jose M. F. Moura, Geoffrey J. Gordon, "Adversarial Multiple Source Domain Adaptation", Proc. of 32nd Conference on Neural Information Processing Systems (NeurIPS), Montreal, Canada, 2018
[2] ShanghangZhang, X. Shen, Z. Lin, R. Mech, João Paulo Costeira, Jose M. F. Moura, "Learning to Understand Image Blur", accepted, CVPR 2018 - IEEE Conference on Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition, Salt Lake City, USA, 2018
[3] ShanghangZhang, G. Wu, João Paulo Costeira, J. M. F. Moura, "Fcn-rlstm: Deep spatio-temporal neural networks for vehicle counting in city cameras", Proc. of ICCV 2017 - IEEE International Conference on Computer Vision, Venice, Italy, 2017
[4] ShanghangZhang, W. Guanhang, João Paulo Costeira, J. F. Moura, "Understanding Traffic Density from Large-Scale Web Camera Data", Proc. of CVPR 2017 - IEEE Conference on Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition, Hawaii, USA, 2017 - PDF
[1] ShanghangZhang, "Deep Understanding of Urban Mobility from Cityscape Webcams", Ph.D. Thesis, within the IST-CMU Joint Doctoral Initiative, May, 2018

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