Andrea Alessandretti

Andrea Alessandretti

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[1] Francisco Rego, Y. Pu, Andrea Alessandretti, António Pedro Aguiar, António Pascoal, C. N. Jones, "Design of a Distributed Quantized Luenberger Filter for Bounded Noise", Proc. of ACC 2016 - American Control Conference, Boston, MA, USA, 2016
[2] Andrea Alessandretti, António Pedro Aguiar, Francisco Rego, C. N. Jones, Ye Pu, "A consensus algorithm for networks with process noise and quantization error", Proc. of 53rd Annual Allerton Conference on Communication, Control, and Computing, Monticello, IL, USA, pp. 488-495, 2015
[3] Andrea Alessandretti, António Pedro Aguiar, C. N. Jones, "Trajectory-tracking and Path-following Controllers for Constrained Underactuated Vehicles using Model Predictive Control", Proc. of ECC 2013 - European Control Conference, Zurich, Switzerland, 2013 - PDF

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