Heitor Cardoso

Heitor Cardoso

Former Collaborator

Research Assistant

Position: Research Assistant

Computer and Robot Vision Lab (VisLab)


Phone :+351-218418298

Office: 7.09

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Current Projects

Acronym Name Funding Dates
HAVATARHealthcare Added-Value Applications of Tele-Autonomous RobotsFCT2021-03|2024-02

Closed Projects

Acronym Name Funding Dates
[1] Ana Machado, Heitor Cardoso, Plinio Moreno, Alexandre Bernardino, "Active Data Collection of Health Data in Mobile Devices", Proc. of DeLTA 2022 - 3rd International Conference on Deep Learning Theory and Applications, Lisbon, Portugal, 2022
[2] Eduarda Vaz, Heitor Cardoso, Plinio Moreno, "Evaluation of Fall Detection Approaches based on Virtual Devices: Leveraging on Motion Capture Data in Unity environments", Proc. of BIOSIGNALS 2022 - 15th International Joint Conference on Biomedical Engineering Systems and Technologies (online) , 2022
[3] I. Gil, Alexandre Bernardino, M. Nunes , Heitor Cardoso, I. Pinto, "The Usability of Virtual Reality Platforms in Immersive Environments (Exergames) – A Pilot Study in Children With Cerebral Palsy", 32nd European Academy of Childhood Disability, 2020 , 2020
[4] Heitor Cardoso, Alexandre Bernardino, Mafalda Sanches , Luísa Loureiro , "Exergames and their benefits in the perception of the Quality of Life and Socialization on institutionalized older adults", Experiment International Conference (Exp.at’19), Funchal, Madeira Island, Portugal, 2019

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