Signal and Image Processing Group (SIPG)

Research at the Signal and Image Processing Group (SIPG) focus on the development of fundamental theory for signal processing on manifolds, e.g., performance bounds, optimization algorithms, filtering, manifold learning. Application areas are: wireless communications, including blind equalization and source separation; underwater, including acoustic communications and video compression and analysis; time-frequency analysis; image analysis, including statistical modelling; and video processing, including motion estimation, tracking of deformable models and inference of 3D structure.

Coordination: João Paulo Costeira

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Pedro Guerreiro
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Sabina Zejnilović

Current Projects

Acronym Name Funding Dates

Closed Projects

Acronym Name Funding Dates
ORCHESTRA Distributed Optimization and Control of Large Scale Water Delivery Systems FCT 2013-04|2015-07
ADIAR Alzheimer Disease: Image Analysis and Recognition FCT 2011-01|2014-06
PrintArt Content and Ontology based Art Image Annotation and Retrieval FCT 2010-01|2013-11
ADDI Automatic Computer-based Diagnosis System for Dermoscopy Images FCT 2010-01|2013-09
ARGUS Activity Recognition and Object Tracking Based on Multiple Models FCT 2010-01|2013-06
HEARTRACK Segmentation and Tracking of the Human Heart in 2D and 3D Ultrasound Data based on a Principled Combination of the Top-down and Bottom-up Paradigms FCT 2010-01|2013-06
VISTA Vision based Touch interaction Anywhere FCT 2010-01|2013-03
ADCOD Advanced Code and Receiver Designs for Transmission over Selective Radio Channels FCT 2010-03|2013-02
URBISNET Urban Environmental Networked Sensing using a Public Transportation Infrastructure FCT 2010-03|2013-02
Detection of Brain Microstates in Fibromyalgia FCT 2010-03|2013-02
IMASEG3D Learning to Combine Hierarchical Image Modeling with 2-D Segmentation and 3-D Pose Recovery of Visual Objects EU-FP7 2010-03|2012-03
NIP Novas metodologias de processamento de informação para redes inteligentes de sensores FCT 2010-11|2013-10
OAEx Ocean Acoustic Exploration EU-FP7 2009-02|2011-12
UAN Underwater Acoustic Network EU-FP7-ICT/Security 2008-10|2011-09
SIMBAD Beyond Features: Similarity-Based Pattern Analysis and Recognition EU-FP7-ICT 2008-04|2011-09
Smart Vision An Active Vision Aid for the Blind FCT 2008-01|2010-12
DELKETI Development and Learning of Kernels for Text and Images FCT 2008-01|2010-12
NCOR Neural Correlates of Object Recognition: Structure-function Correlations within the Visual Ventral Stream, Striatal and Limbic Circuits in Health and Disease FCT 2008-10|2010-09
U-BOAT Ultra-Wide Band Transmission for Ad Hoc Networks FCT 2007-10|2011-09
PHITOM Probabilistic High-Frequency Ocean Tomography for Underwater Communications and Navigation FCT 2007-12|2011-05
ESONET European Sea Observatory Network EU-FP6 2007-03|2011-02
WEAM Wave Energy Acoustic Monitoring FCT 2007-11|2010-10
MODI 3D Models from 2D Images FCT 2007-10|2010-09
SIPM Signal and Image Processing on Manifolds FCT 2007-10|2010-09
VENUS Virtual ExploratioN of Underwater Sites EU-FP6 2006-07|2009-06
GREX Coordination and Control of Cooperating Heterogeneous Unmanned Systems in Uncertain Environments EU-FP6 2006-06|2009-06
UAB Underwater Acoustic Barriers for Harbour Protection FCT 2006-01|2007-12
RADAR Environmental Assessment with a Random Array of Acoustic Receivers FCT 2004-10|2007-09
NUACE Non-chooperant Underwater Acoustic Channel Estimation FCT 2004-01|2006-12
AOBREA Acoustic Oceanographic Buoy Rapid Environmental Assessment 2004|2006
LTT Long Term Tracking of Multiple Objects for Surveillance FCT 2002|2005
AMA Automatic Modeling of Architecture FCT 2002|2005
GEODIF Differential Geometry Based Signal Processing Techniques for the Resolution of Convolutive Mixtures in Wireless Communication Systems FCT 2002|2004
Modem for Digital Communication in Underwater Acoustic Channels FUP 2001|2004
LOCAPASS Source Localization with a Random Field of Sonobouys in Shallow Water FUP 2001|2003
DisNet Distributed Scheduling for Networks FCT 2001|2002
Detection and Fuzzy Classification of Transient Signals in the Time – Frequency Plane FCT 2000|2004
ATOMS Acoustic Tomography Monitoring System FCT 2000|2004
Separation of Digital Sources Mixtures by Convex Methods FCT 2000|2004
Channel Estimation for Equalization and Synchronization in OFDM Underwater Acoustic Communication Systems FCT 2000|2004
SUMARE Survey of Marine Resources EU-FP5 2000|2003
HEART 3D Measurement of the Heart Geometry from Ultrasound Images FCT 2000|2003
3D Modeling from Video FCT 2000|2003
TMO Tracking of Moving Objects with Trained Multi-Models FCT 1999|2003
TOMPACO Tomografia Passiva Costeira CNR (IT) 1999|2003
CVAM Automatic Classification of Marble Tiles FCT 1999|2001
Caracterização Espectral de Efeitos Acústicos em Ambiente Marinho FUP 1999|2001
NARVAL Navigation of Autonomous Robots Via Active Environmental Perception Eu-FP5 1998|2001
ASIMOV Advanced System Integration for Managing the Coordinated Operation of Robotic Ocean Vehicles EU-FP4 1998|2001
AMOVIP Advanced Modeling of Visual Information Processing INCO-DC 1998|2001
ADIAC Automatic Diatom Identification and Classification EU-FP4 1998|2001
INFANTE Development of Vehicles and Advanced Systems for the Execution of Underwater Inspection Tasks FCT 1997|2001
INTIMATE Internal Tide Measurements with Acoustic Tomoghrapic FCT 1997|2000
Blind Array Processing in Mobile Communications NATO 1997|1999
ISACS Integrated System for Analysis and Characterization of the Seafloor EU - FP4 1996|1999
VIRSBS Visual Intelligent Recognition for Secure Banking Services EU - FP4 1996|1999
ARMMA Autonomous Robotic Methodologies for Multidisciplinary Applications JNICT 1995|2000